In The Beginning

blocks of Premo! polymer clay

I am often asked how I got started Logo of Carol Duval TV showwith polymer clay.  It started years ago when I was between jobs and watching a lot of television.  Back then, one of my favorite daytime shows was “The Carol Duvall Show”. 



I would plop down on the couch and prepare to be amazed with the crafts she and her guests would demonstrate.  One day Judy Belcher and on another day Donna Kato demonstrated the wonders of polymer clay.  I was hooked and I knew one day I would do what these polymer clay superstars were doing right there on my TV.

What Took Me So Long?

Why didn’t I just go out and buy some clay and an instruction book?Sculpey and instruction Book  I was intimidated by what color to buy and what I would do with it when I got it home. This was back in the old days before wide spread availability of the internet.

Time passed and I became a thrift store addict.  One day while indulging my addiction,  I found two bags containing a hodge-podge of brands and colors of polymer clay.  And it was half price day!  My fate was sealed.

By searching the internet (long before Pinterest was even thought of) and was able to find the episodes of the Carol Duvall show, my original inspiration.  I spent time searching the mountain of information and videos on working with polymer clay.  It felt like I read or watched them all.

Christmas was just around the corner so I compiled a wish list of all the equipment and books I thought I might need.  Santa Bob (my husband) came through with all the toys I requested.  I was ready to disappear into the wonderful world of polymer clay.


What to do with it

I had the clay, the tools and knew how to work with it, but did not have a clue as to what I wanted to make with it.  Most people have an idea of what they want to achieve before they ever buy their first block of clay.  But I had it backwards, I had the clay but no ideas.

I considered making jewelry.  Polymer clay is the medium of choice for many jewelry makers because of all the unique designs they can produce.  But there are so many people involved in making jewelry and all of them do it better than I ever could.  Another popular item made from polymer clay is figurines and sculptures.  I did try that and found that I was very talented at making colorful lumps.  

mustache spoon and other spoon oddities

I was still looking for the best way for me to use my bag of polymer clay when I was once again indulging in my thrifting addiction.   The answer was right in from of me in the form of huge amounts of silverware.  Not the silver type silverware, but the stainless steel type silverware.


Functionality Wins

I had always thought that my product should be more functional than decorative. What could be more functional than silverware and serving pieces?  I was a definite “AHA” moment and I knew that I had found my niche.  I purchased some spoons and found my way into the wonderful world of polymer clay. 

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