blocks of Premo! polymer clay

What the heck is polymer clay? It’s Magic Polymer Clay is a magic substance! Don’t scoff at the word magic. What else would you call a substance that can be formed, twisted, pushed, pulled and forced to change colors but magical.   Push clay into molds to create extremely detailed decorations to embellish an almost …

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Bowl of chicken tortilla soup

Fast and Plentiful Chicken Tortilla Soup Earlier I wrote that soups were the food of winter.  Maybe they are, but soup is good any time of the year.  Sometimes my fingers fly faster than my mind is thinking and then the fingers get to do the talking (and this from a person forced to take …

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bowl of potato leek soup and bread

Hearty Soups Are Food For Winter During fall and winter, soups are a staple at our house. I love to make soup. It is easy and hard to mess up. This is important, as I am not really a great cook. In the past, I have made some truly awful stuff. The most memorable was …

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picture of corks and crochet hooks

Comfortable Cork Crochet Handles I was crocheting using my cork crochet hook during a slow stretch at a show and a woman rushed up, very excited.  I get excited thinking I was going to make a sale.  I was wrong.  She was excited about my crochet hook.   Thinking about giving up She told me …

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