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blocks of Premo! polymer clay

What the heck is polymer clay? It’s Magic Polymer Clay is a magic substance! Don’t scoff at the word magic. What else would you call a substance that can be formed, twisted, pushed, pulled and forced to change colors but magical.   Push clay into molds to create extremely detailed decorations to embellish an almost …

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Premo Polymer Clay

In The Beginning I am often asked how I got started with polymer clay.  It started years ago when I was between jobs and watching a lot of television.  Back then, one of my favorite daytime shows was “The Carol Duvall Show”.    I would plop down on the couch and prepare to be amazed …

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Are Clean Hands Essential? Just how essential are clean hands? The quick answer is VERY essential.  It is well known fact the after working with clay for long periods your hands tend to pick up the colors you are working with.  Reds and blacks are probably the most noticeable.  Maybe you don’t see a color …

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