Welcome to FarWay Crafts – My small corner of the internet

A bit of background 

I was born in the Bay Area, but raised in both the urban and rural areas of Northern California.  I am currently living in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains with my husband, Bob.  I worked in the electronic industry for 25+ years and was part of the downsizing every time there was a downward shift in the economy.  I am a three time cancer survivor and have health issues that landed me on permanent disability long before I was ready to end my career.  I have lived through some challenging times and come out the other side still smiling.  About ten years ago we started a craft business, traveling to shows and festivals in Northern California.  One of the best parts of this freedom is the opportunity to meet people and develop friendships.

   Is That A Typo?
The name of this website and the company is a bit odd and  most people think it is misspelled.  But the real name is FarWay Crafts, no extra “a”.  It comes from when we bought our property almost 30 years ago.  The property is eighteen miles out of town and then the last three miles were dirt with no electricity or phones in the area.  It was a far way to anywhere.  So we named our place FarWay Acres.  It is still a far way, but the roads are paved (kind of) and we have most of the modern conveniences.


  Building a Website
It has taken more than five year of people asking if I had a website before I finally bit the bullet and took a class in building websites.  I really thought I was up to the task.  From everything I had read, it was suppose to be easy.  Well the truth is it is a lot of hard work and a mountain of details.  But in the end, you have something that you can be proud of and that you own.  I have learned a lot, but I am still learning more and am not as comfortable as I would like.  My goal is to continue learning and increase my comfort level.  Now that you have met me and learned a bit about me, hopefully you will stick with me and enjoy the ups and downs of the journey.  

Liz Rees

I am a functional artist.  I make every day functional items into art.  My primary medium is polymer clay, a modeling clay that when fired at a very low temperature becomes hard plastic.  I embellish spoons, spreaders, and other kitchen utensils, as well as tins, wine accessories with unique and colorful designs using recycled materials whenever possible.  Inspiration for designs come from paintings, kaleidoscopes and nature.  Besides creating with polymer clay I enjoy crocheting, gardening and reading.  I live on ten acres in a rural area of the California Sierra Nevada foothills with my husband and business partner, Bob.

Bob Ogden

I have been passionate about photography since I purchased my first Nikon in the late 1960s.  I still shoot film with that camera as well as with a medium format Mamiya RB67.  Much of my photography is now done in digital format using current Nikon cameras.  My photographs have won awards at the Nevada County Fair and at the Nevada County Camera Club.  I live in the California Sierra Nevada foothills where I am a teaching assistant in photography classes at Sierra College.

Click on Bob’s Picture to visit his website: BobOgdenPhotography.com


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